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Do you need your appliances fixed? or even your AC?

All Brooklyn Appliance and AC Repair Can do that for you!

Here is a list of some of the services we have to offer although we do offer much more!

Call Us Now! (888) 612-1414

Dryer Repair:

Replacement of vent line

Removal of lint Build up

Timer Replacement


Oven Repair:

Knob replacement

Gas Leak Repair

Burner Cleaning


Refrigerator Repair:

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Gasket Replacement

Air damper seal replacement

Replacement of filter dryer


Washing Machine Repair:

Pump cleaning

Replacement of motor pulley

Belt Replacement


Dishwasher Repair: 

replacement of handle

wiring replacement

pump screen cleaning


 Stove Repair:

Cleaning the burners

Fixing of the valves

Wire replacement




All Brooklyn Appliance and AC Repair
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